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Kitten? Orange? OrangeKitten!
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I sometimes have thoughts and feelings and write them down occasionally here in this journal thing.

Currently 19, gonna be 20 in a month. Scary shit man.

I go to college in Kentucky for Advertising. Still love music and play some instruments.

I love cats. CATS the Musical, cats in general, kittens, anything with cats on it. They are just fucking adorable. Seriously.

Love facepainting and drawing stuff. Like doodles and then some serious stuff I think. There's a link to my DA where I have some stuff.

Have a coolio boyfriend who's kind of a girl but he's cute and loves me so it's cool.

Is super best friends with cooking_spray. We like live next to each and junk. It's fun and stuff.

Lastly, I'm kind of a lurker, but comment some times on things.
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